Whitby In Bloom

Horticulture, Heritage and Bloomin' Heart

Charity No. 1157790

Have your company's name sponsor one of our

From velvet lawns to bramble thorns

 garden competition .... 

For just £30 you can demonstrate your companies environmental responsibility on both the competition entry form and on your categories entrant's certificates (see right)  

Choose from the categories below and get involved:

a. Practically Paradise Gardens - Perry's Plants

b. Wonderful Wildlife Gardens - available

c. Incredible Edible Gardens - Balfour Beatty PLC

d. Blissfully Bijoux Gardens - available

e. Best Kept Y.C.H. Individual Garden - Yorkshire Coast Homes

f. Captivating Communities - Richardson and Smith

g. Picture Perfect Yards - BHD Parnership

h. Best Kept Y.C.H Communal Garden - Yorkshire Coast Homes

i. Champion Children - Homebase

j. Best Bloomin' Business Premises - available

k. Beautiful Bloomin' Business Fronts -  WDTA

l. Champion of Champions - Whitby Town Mayor 


Whitby In Bloom Registered Charity (1157790)

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