Whitby In Bloom

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Charity No. 1157790

Floral Festival 2018

9th  to 16th July 2018

Buzzin’ about Bloom

In 2017 the inaugural 'in Bloom' Floral Festival was launched with a Bee Happy theme. Shaped by Whitby in Bloom in association with Scarborough Borough Council, the streets of Whitby blossomed with horticultural excellence.

This year’s theme Buzzin’ about Bloom’, is inspired by the feel-good factor that beautiful flower displays engender and the wonderful work of Whitby’s busy bees!


Buzzin' about Bloom.gif

As part of the celebrations Whitby’s best retailers, restaurants and hotels will adorn themselves with creative designs to compete for coveted awards. 

Residents and visitors will be invited to post #WhitbyBuzzin’ selfies on social media and a free town map highlighting Whitby’s many horticultural delights will be available.


But flowers and bees are only a fraction of the story. As part of the festival Mr Martin Burnhill and Paul Marsh from RHS Britain in Bloom (Yorkshire) will be in town assessing horticultural excellence, environmental responsibility and community participation. The town will be cleaned, weeded, painted and planted by Whitby’s Bloomers. But we can’t be everywhere so if you can spare the time please check the area outside your home and workplace, a clean and tidy town, as well as one full of flowers and plants will keep #WhitbyBuzzin’

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