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From velvet lawns to bramble thorns

A competition

for every

bloomin' paradise

Sponsored by Whitby Town Council

We would be delighted if you would consider entering this free competition with a category for every bloomin’ garden.

The competition has been running for many years but we are constantly working to improve and make it relevant for gardeners today.

The judging team are all volunteers, they will be totally impartial, and their decisions will be final.

Judges must be allowed free access to view and photograph the garden during the last two weeks in July. The photographs are for publicity, education and celebration purposes. No prior notice of the exact judging date will be given.

Every entrant will be invited to a Celebration Evening to be held in September.  Awards will be in the form of Gold, Silver-Gilt, Silver and Green ‘Spade’ certificates. One overall winner from each category will receive a plaque to commemorate their achievement.

 Closing date for all entries:

 30th June

Entry Categories

A.           Practically Paradise Gardens

Sponsored by Perry’s Plants, Riverside Gardens Sleights

Open to all private gardens. Judges will be looking for an attractive layout, imaginative use of colour, quality of plants, year-round interest and overall maintenance.

B.           Incredible Edible Gardens

Sponsored by Monks Haven, 148 Church Street, Whitby

Open to gardens or allotments dedicated to growing crops. The space should be well laid out and show a range of sustainable food production.

C.           Blissfully Bijoux Gardens.

Sponsored by Victoria Garden Centre, Guisborough, Whitby.

Open to small courtyard or balcony gardens containing window boxes, hanging baskets, tubs and planters. Entries should demonstrate imaginative planting, sustainability and good use of space.

D.           Captivating Communities.                    

Sponsored by Richardson and Smith, 8 Victoria Square.

Open to any group (including school and youth groups) entering collectively. Judges will be looking for communal activity, a sense of civic pride and enhancement of the local area.

E.           Picture Perfect Yards                                

Sponsored by BHD Partnership, Airy Hill Manor, Whitby

This category is for traditional Whitby Yards, used as communal areas by adjacent residents. Judges will be looking for unique Whitby gardening heritage.

F.          Best Kept Beyond Housing Urban Garden          

Sponsored by Beyond Housing

Open to all tenants of Beyond Housing Homes who maintain a garden area within Whitby.

G.          Best Kept Beyond Housing Rural Garden

Sponsored by Beyond Housing

Open to all tenants of Beyond Housing Homes who maintain a garden area within the surrounding villages.

H.          Best Bloomin’ Business Premises.                 

Sponsored by Hendersons, 21 Flowergate, Whitby

Open to any business premises which have grounds and or growing areas. Judges will be looking for good overall impression, sustainability and good quality planting.

I.            Beautiful Bloomin’ Business Fronts.                 

Sponsored by Pinkney Grunwells, 42 Baxtergate Street, Whitby

Open to any business which relies on window boxes, hanging baskets and containers to create horticultural displays. Judges will be looking for best use of space, originality and environmental enhancement.

J.         Champion of Champions.

Sponsored by Whitby Town Mayor

For last year’s category winners. Overall winner will hold the Whitby in Bloom Champions Rose Bowl for one year.

 Discretionary Awards

Wonderful Wildlife Garden       

For the garden best promoting biodiversity and wildlife.

Champion Children

For school/ youth groups engaging in horticultural projects.

Best-est Bloomer

in recognition of the volunteer who goes the extra mile.

Greener than Green

Sponsored by Pinkney Grunwells, 42 Baxtergate, Whitby

For displaying outstanding environmental responsibility.

Whitby Welcome

Sponsored by Monks Haven, 148 Church Street. Whitby

For offering a superlative horticultural experience.

Beyond Housing Community Champion Award

Sponsored by Beyond Housing

For assisting others with either a Communal garden or individual gardens.



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